What to look for when buying a Phone

What to look for when buying a Phone

Phones have become a vital part of our lives. It's how we communicate, shop, relax and literally do everything. People are spending close to 10 hours a day on screentime. With something that you are going to use that much it's pivotal, you choose a good one considering that we are in Zimbabwe most of us can not afford a new one.

  1. Going for top brands like Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Nokia is always the best compared to the china counterparts. Rather buy a smaller, older outdated phone than a fake one.

  2. Check if network and wifi work. Especially for iPhones and Samsung. Thieves steal phones wipe them out and resale and in most cases these won't be working.

  3. Check picture quality.

  4. Check battery health

  5. Check how easy it is to touch and navigate

  6. Check finger print if it has

  7. Test mic and speaker

  8. Check storage capacity

  9. Check and consider the year it was manufactured.

All looks good now, you can try negotiating the price and cut down $10 USD so that you can buy the screen guard and cover because you will need them.

Enjoy your new phone.